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About me

A little bit about me for your information. I named this site Your Online Games Pro for the very reason that unlike many of the thousands of online games 'referral' sites, I actually do know about the games, and about the owners and operators of many of them. I have worked in the online gaming industry for several years, in many sectors.

I started out by taking my poker and casino exams, which I passed. These were for online and land based, although I have never worked in any land based casino. It is essential to fully understand the rules of land based casino games in order to understand and work with the online versions of the games, if one wants to progress in this line of work. I later also did my backgammon games exam, and for what it was worth, my bingo exam! There is very little to learn about online bingo, or land based bingo, and my course was completed in a very short time.

I then went on to do customer support, then VIP support, then cashier support, affiliate support, then online marketing, and finally Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, which I now do on a 'freelance' basis. Happily this leaves me with more time to actually play the online games that I love, where time didn't allow too much of that in the past.

I am still in contact with, and in some cases 'good personal friends' with many of the online gaming operators, and so I do still know what is happening in this industry. It can also be said that a few of these operators are not friends of mine, quite the opposite. My recommended games on this website are based on personal knowledge of many things including:- The operators, the pay-out system, the games fairness (Random Number Generators), and the enjoyment factor. The online games that you will find here are either personally recommended by me, or by trusted friends of mine who work within the online games sector.

There are some operators who are a bit 'dodgy' to say the least, and so it is very important that you play games online with an operator who not only offers you the best online games, but one who is also going to pay you your winnings quickly, easily, and every time.

I cannot divulge any information I have on any operator, because with each employment contract I have signed, I have been tied to a 'confidentiality agreement' where I cannot divulge any information about the company for many years after leaving their employ, so please don't ask me to divulge any such information.

You can rest assured that everything you find on this site is safe, secure for payments, and comes with my recommendation. I hope you have fun playing and winning these online games!

I want to add a big 'Thank You' here for the free template that I downloaded and modified for this site to make it responsive for mobile devices. The template was provided by Silvia Gamsjäger. You can learn more about her amazing web design talents here.