Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

If you have an addiction to gambling then you should seek help immediately. Many people who are addicted to gambling are either not aware that they are addicted, or refuse to accept that they are. Often they want to change their addictive behaviour only after it is too late. Many have not only lost all their money, but also losing possesions, homes, jobs even family is not unusual.

I was married to a gambling addict, and I know first hand how they can dismiss your concerns about them being addicted, denying that there is any problem. Often keeping secrets about how much they spend on gambling, or how much debt they have accrued, or how they cannot overcome that overwhealming urge to gamble more, believing that the next bet will bring in the big win that they need. I tried so hard to help my gambling addict husband, but he was in continual denial. Eventually I divorced him. I am a gambler myself, however, I only ever gamble what I can afford to lose. Once that is gone I stop. However a person with an addiction to gambling is usually incapable of making that decision to stop.

Please please if you are addicted to gambling, no matter how mild or how strong your addiction, you must seek help now, and you must stop gambling which could end up destroying your life!

Bewlow are some links to websites where you can get information about problem gambling and seek confidential help. These sites are not only for the gambling addict, but for the family and friends of addicts who seek information and help. For EU countries you will need to search online for gambling addiction help in the relevant EU country.

  • Gamblers Anonomous (International)
  • Gamblers Anonomous (UK)
  • BeGambleAware
  • Gamcare UK
  • Gambling Help Online Australia
  • Problem Gambling Canada
  • Gambling Help Online Australia
  • National Council on Problem Gambling (USA)