Casino Games

Have you ever played at a land based casino? If so, then you'll know the adrenalin rush that you get with the awsome variety of games. The fantastic feeling when you win is the same when you play casino games online. The great thing for me is that when I play casino games online, nobody can see me if I want to go a little crazy!

roulette wheel

I have to admit that I haven't yet tried all of the casino online games yet, I doubt I ever will as there are so many available! My favourite, and my best for winning money is Blackjack. Maybe this is because of my previous training in casino games, but I have developed a very good win ratio on this game, and I tend to play it more than most other games. There are many different blackjack tables to choose from.

Online slots is another favourite where I like to go a little crazy, spinning those slots! There are hundreds of different online slots machines available to play, but I haven't tried all of them yet. There are new ones being developed constantly, so its hard to keep up with pulling all those slots!

A fantastic new addition is for mobile phone / cell phone users who can now play casino games on mobile phones and uk players can deposit with your mobile phone credit rather than having to use credit / debit cards. What a great idea!

With many of the casino's you can generally get a 100% first deposit bonus, which will double your playing money instantly, as well as some that offer free play, and other bonuses, so its worth downloading the games and see if you can become an online casino pro too!