Online Lotto

Do you play the national lottery / lotto game in the country where you live? In some countries playing the lotto is a national pastime and becomes a weekly routine, it certainly is that way for me. I never forget my Mum's words “You have to be in it to win it”, and of course Mum was always right. I have never won a big jackpot lottery prize, but I keep trying, because if I don't put my numbers on, my hopes and dreams are gone. So I am happy with some smaller prizes, and keeping my hopes and dreams alive of one day winning the big prize.

It wasn't very long ago that I learned that you can play your favourite numbers on lotto's of other countries. It is legal because the online lotto company has personnel in each of the countries where the draws are held. They personally go and place the numbers for you. Whatever you win, they hold the ticket on your behalf, it is then paid into your online lotto account for you to withdraw. Of course this does amount to a lot of trust being needed, because you may think that the company will run off with your winnings if you hit the jackpot. That worried me in the beginning, however after a lot of research I realised that was highly unlikely to happen as online lotto is licensed and regulated, and they make a profit by commissions on sales and winnings, so they have no need to steal your winnings. And they certainly wouldn't still be operating after so many years if they were not 100% legitimate.

Looking at some of the huge jackpots available on lotto's around the world, I decided to start playing on some of them. Its fun, and it boosts my hopes and dreams, for someone wins the climbing jackpots eventually, and why shouldn't it be me? I have had a few small wins on some worldwide lotto's that I played online, and very quickly received my winnings into my lotto account, so I can vouch that you do get your winnings. Tickets do cost a bit more than buying them yourself in your own country, but this is obviously because of the number of personnel required to physically go and place your numbers for you, because otherwise you would not be able to play worldwide lotteries without physically being in each country.

Now that you have an understanding of how online lotto's work, I hope you have a go on at least one of the above lotto's from around the world. I wish for you as I wish for myself - to have a BIG JACKPOT WIN!

UK Euromillions

USA Mega Millions

USA Powerball

Australian Powerball
Euro Jackpot

Italy Super Ena

Spain Euromillions

France Euromillions