Online Social Gaming

Online social gaming has been around for several years, however with the massive growth of Facebook users as well as app's users for smartphone or tablet, the increase in people wanting to play Social Games has been massive in the last few years.

Whilst there were online gambling bans in USA and other countries, people flocked to play poker and casino games via Facebook and apps, because they are a legal way to play online casino games even in countries that have banned them.

It is so easy to simply log into your Facebook account or pick up your smart phone and play a game of poker or compete in a poker tournament to win cash, or spin a few slots and play the latest casino games. All this is done amongst a global community of players.

The social interaction, as well as the risk-free games, and chances to win free cash and prizes are just a few of the reasons why millions of poeple around the world prefer their games to be online and social.

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